About us
Ecovane is a consulting firm providing sustainability solutions.We hope our service can assist business, government and relevant organizations to make sustainable development decisions beneficial for society, environmental and economy.
In the autumn of 2008, Ecovane Environmental was founded to meet the increasing demand of sustainability service in China. Until today, Ecovane has become a namable supplier of product and business lifecycle sustainability consulting service in China. With increased understanding on sustainability, business can significantly enhance its competitiveness and profitability, and raise the level of confidence and acceptance from both customers and investors, meanwhile enable business itself to meet more and more challenging domestic and international requirements on sustainable development. 
In Ecovane, besides our knowledge and experience, we also utilize advanced LCA and LCM tool and international cooperation to assist our client to achieve both product and business level sustainability requirements. Our methods include implementing corporate sustainability programs (e.g. EHS, energy, water and carbon management), developing sustainability management system, conducting Life cycle assessment (LCA), product carbon footprint, Ecodesign and support Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) and etc. We hope with our service, in the end our client can carry on sustainability research and work independently, which means your company will have essential and enough resource including convenient tools and qualified professionals to carry out continuous sustainability adventure.
Our service scope covers mainland China, including Hongkong and Macau. Our office in Shanghai, Beijing and partners around China and the world will work hard to provide you consulting service and solution at a premium.
Additionally, together with our international sustainability partner, we provide you with effective management and analyst tools, such as the most widely used LCA software SimaPro and other ecodesign tools such as e-DEA and package design tool PackageSmart and etc. Especially for SMEs and Chinese manufactures in China, we develop and offer user friendly, convenient and effective eco-design platform - 1mi1 platform, which will allow you to develop effective green supply chain, eco-design product and a more and more sustainable business.